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Sybil Agri is proud to be a company committed to the sustainable development of Vietnamese agricultural exports

sustainable development goal

Sybil Agri believes that sustainable development is the key to promote socio-economic development in general and especially the lives of farmers in particular, we prioritize sustainability in the entire supply chain, committed to improving the quality of Vietnam’s agricultural industry.

global sustainable development

Based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Sybil Agri looks forward to using our investment to well implement the global goals, contributing to the growth of the global economy and the lives of local people, as well as protecting the ecological environment.


  • Sustainable development is always a long-term goal of numerous domestic and foreign organizations and businesses. The ultimate objective is not only to focus on economic development, but also to respect the inevitable needs of society and the impact on the ecosystem.
  • 17 Sustainable Development Goals with 169 associated targets which are integrated and indivisible. Sybil Agri realized that we are setting out together on the path towards sustainable development, devoting ourselves collectively to the pursuit of global development and of “win-win” cooperation which can bring huge gains to all countries and all parts of the world. As a result, firms in Vietnam, notably Sybil Agri, have always worked hard to accomplish similar goals for the long-term growth of the Vietnamese agricultural industry.

  • Sustainable development is not an intended goal for Sybil Agri; it is a priority in every business decision we make, from the day of beginning to the present and more. Sybil Agri is devoted to enhancing Vietnamese agriculture for the higher value of agricultural goods and concentrating on sustainable development.
  • We are certain that by emphasizing sustainability across the whole agricultural supply chain now, we will be able to generate greater change and meet the common issues of the future agricultural industry. We use our resources to support socio-economic growth in general and, in particular, the lives of farmers. We focus on and endeavor to make the world a better place in accordance with the stated sustainable development goals.


Sybil Agri is well aware of the importance of its farmers and its businesses in carrying on its sustainable development goals. By working with farmers, customers and NGOs, we always strive to improve the quality of life of local farmers, meanwhile protecting the ecological environment and intensifying farm management.

Sybil Agri’s dedicated staff is also involved in numerous global organizations to support our business in realizing its sustainability goals. Since then, building into a powerful community working together for the growth of Vietnam’s agricultural industry in particular and of the world.

SFPP (Sybil Agri Farmers Partnership Program)


We focus on and make efforts to enhance the value of Vietnam’s agricultural sector, towards 9 sustainable development goals based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Combined with the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, Sybil Agri sets out the following priority goals

  • Improve farmers’ and the community’s material and spiritual lives through expanding job possibilities, assisting underprivileged families, and organizing local leisure activities.
  • Increase the performance of farmers’ capabilities in cultivation and production, leading to higher productivity and value of agricultural goods by the direct assistance from professionals with over 25 years of experience.
  • Gender equality in training and recruitment, respect for freedoms and no use of forced or child labor.
  • Combining the use and protection of clean water sources, ensuring the quality of agricultural products and health for everyone.
  • Create sustainable jobs through owning separate planting areas and factories, thereby helping farmers work with peace of mind and increase productivity.
  • Be responsible for production and protect the environment on the principle of not using hazardous substances that affect the quality of finished products, saving energy in the production process and managing waste safely and without affecting the quality of the finished product. affect the environment.
  • Protect ecosystems through post-harvest soil restoration and sustainable forest management.


Product Quality

How do we guarantee the quality of our products

The selection of the office and factory in the central area of the source of raw materials, has ensured the process of monitoring and managing product quality from cultivation to harvesting, while minimizing transportation time to bring the best quality products to the world market. Our priority lies with producing high-quality and safe ingredients, cultivated following GAP standards. Our focus on food safety and sustainable farming results in products that are truly qualitative of nature, and taste even better knowing that they are produced with farmers’ best interest at heart.


How do we guarantee the quality of our products?

Towards sustainable agricultural product development, Sybil Agri Vietnam continuously improves new agricultural solutions, optimizing efficiency from cultivation to production.

Take advantage of the correct and safe fertilization solutions to increase value and output, ensure a stable supply of goods to the market.

Safe & High-quality product

Strictly controlled from the beginning of the growing process to harvesting, all of our raw materials have origin, are tested and carefully selected before the production process for export. Combining with the selection and association with production facilities that fully meet national standards and international regulations on food safety. Therefore, our products are always guaranteed the highest purity and quality when being marketed.

International quality standards

Selected from raw materials, especially the place with advantages of natural conditions and geographical location that is suitable for the growth process of each plant ensuring our products are superior in taste and quality compared to other units.
Our products comply with customer specifications and meet international quality standards. In addition, in Sybil Agri, products are not only products, but also characteristics related to products, but also related to other issues such as environmental issues, transportation, manufacturing so that the product supply chain products always operate in a sustainable way.

Farmer’s and Community Lives

The presence of Sybil Agri in localities such as Gia Lai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, etc. contributes to opening up many career opportunities for people here. A stable life helps people’s material and spiritual life to be improved. Since then, children have more conditions to go to school, develop knowledge and form new human resources for society.

How can we improve the quality of community life?

    • Support jobs for more than 3000 farmer households
    • Ensure occupational safety during the working process
    • SFPP program helps connect businesses and farmers
    • Support free-finance packages for families with difficult circumstances
    • Organize outdoor activities to enrich spiritual life and increase teamwork
pepper sustainable development

The Ecosystem

Sybil Agri operates on the basis of prioritizing environmental protection, applying advanced and energy-saving technologies, proposing solutions that combine economic development and building a sustainable ecosystem. 

This has also helped local people to raise their awareness of the importance of the environment in cultivation and production, creating finished products of international standards.


Sybil Agri is always aware that any business activity can have an impact on the environment, so we always strive to pursue solutions that minimize negative impacts on the environment and find effective ways. In addition, the growing population leads many companies to engage in more intensive agriculture and causes harmful effects on the environment and natural resources of the earth.

As an agricultural company, Sybil Agri is responsible for supplying global food demand and protecting the environment. Our ambition is not only to build a sustainable supply chain, but also to contribute to social activities in general, especially environmental activities. In the long term, sustainable agriculture not only contributes to bringing good natural conditions for crop growth, reducing risks caused by climate change, water scarcity, floods and other natural disasters.

Improving agricultural practices

Currently, changing weather conditions cause many difficulties in agriculture. In contrast, agriculture also plays an important role in climate change due to the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and intensive farming adversely affects soil fertility.
Sybil Agri – is an agricultural company, we take responsibility for improving agricultural practices. Through our partnership programs, we train and support farmers on farms to increase productivity and improve many environmental issues.

Responsible waste disposal

In the agriculture industry, waste disposal is produced and destroyed the environment and the ecosystem. In Sybil Agri, we set standards of reducing waste to minimize waste disposal and use cost effectively in business.


We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.

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